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About Us!

The Beginning & Now

EJ Shaw Removals has been located at 3-5 Rowe Street Freshwater for over 40 years. We have built up a reputation for friendly and reliable service. We care about our client’s and what our clients need. Our Depot and our Fleet has change a lot over this time, including who owns EJ Shaws, but the one thing that has remained the same is our Core Values:

  • Customer Service

  • Reliable Fast & Efficient Removals

  • Competitive Prices with Personalised Service

  • Experience with Local Knowledge

  • Care & Flexibility


Local Removals

‘Pulling out all Stops’ is what we live for. To make your move go as smoothly as possible is what we aim to do every day. All our relocations are important to us, whether its 1 lounge to go over the road, or a 5 bedroom house to move across 5 suburbs; We will make your experience @ EJ Shaw Removals a positive one. Our team are experienced and will move your furniture like it is their own.
We have a range of different services available to suit your needs. Go to our dedicated Local Moves page to learn more how we can make your next move easy.


Interstate Removals

As well as local removal services throughout Sydney, EJ Shaw Removals has an interstate run going to Brisbane via the Gold Coast and up to twice weekly into and out of Melbourne. We will have your freight delivered to anywhere in between with no location too out of the way.

Our interstate team is based in Victoria, where they monitor all our fleet with up to the minute precision. E J Shaw’s has all of the fleet fitted with state of the art tracking devices. This provides our teams with valuable information. To know where your delivery is at any moment will save you time and money, but most of all it will give you peace of mind that we know where your goods are at any moment.

Your dedicated team will keep you up to date with the day and time of your delivery. Calling you with any variation to the schedule. If we are running early or late we will know and will be able to let you know; again saving you time and money. Gone are the days where you wonder were the delivery is or how far away the truck is, we know so we can tell you.



Offering storage at our Freshwater Depot, has long been part of our business. Convenient Pod Storage along with Bay Storage we will have something to suit your needs. Our depot also stocks a range of packaging supplies at great competitive prices. Boxes, tape, bubblewrap, packing paper and more. Call in or call us at our Freshwater depot for more detail.

Whether your storing for a month or for years, we can work out a storage plan that will suits your needs and provide you flexible options. Over the years we have listened to what our customers want, and paying for unwanted space is certainly not what you want. Paying for the space that your taking up is exactly what you need. Here at EJ Shaw Removals we will work with you with what YOU NEED. Go to our dedicated Storage Website to learn more.


Gym Relocations

EJ Shaw Removals specialise in the relocation of gym equipment including its extraction, transport and installation.


No job is too BIG or too small.


Our guys always go in with a ‘Can Do’ attitude and will find away to make your relocation easy. Whether its a home gym or a large commercial gym we CAN DO your move. Priding ourselves in providing you with options that will suit you, the customer the best.

Being armed with a wealth of knowledge and an assortment of contacts in the industry will make you gym move easy. Working with other professionals in the industry is key to any gym move success. Technical Fitness or the guys @ Tuned to Perfection are just 2 of the many professionals we work with to get the job done. These guys know Gym Equipment. They know how to pull it apart so it will fit thru a door and then how to put it back together again. Two vital aspects to a successful gym move. It might look easy, but trust us when we say you need a tech to get the job done, you need a tech to get the job done.

Go to our dedicated page on Gym Relocations to see in detail how we can help you with your next gym move.

Bringing it ALL Together

Coordination is the key to any move no matter the size. The common questions and concerns that we hear daily are:

Where will the trucks park?
We have many steps and large heavy items to be moved out.
We need to be out of here before midday.
Our house is settling at the same time we are settling with our new property.
We need people to pack our kitchen.
We have school pick up so can’t be here then.
We need all the equipment back in by Thursday as our Grand Opening is Friday.
We need to change the date because the builders aren’t finished.

We will help you make it happen and work with you to achieve your goals. It is in our DNA to make your move successful. Sit back and let us take control, we promise you all you will have to wait for is the paint to dry so we can get in!

EJ Shaw’s will co-ordinate all of it.

We’ve Got Your Back!


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