Storing Clothes tips on how to for 1 month, 6 months or More

Storing Clothes tips on how to for 1 month, 6 months or More


Storing clothes and how to do it so they come back to you in the same condition is a question we often get asked.

There are pros & cons to all types of storage. The 1st question you need to ask yourself is how long will the clothes be in storage?

1-3 months

No need to go overboard with this method any of the above containers will work. The less time in the holding container then the less you need to be concerned about smell, silverfish, moths etc.

ALWAYS include a lovely smelling mothball. You can get lavendar mothballs so your clothes don’t come out smelling like grannys.

4-6 Months

Don’t store in a garbage bag. Consideration to the external environment must be given. If in a humid area then go for a plastic container with a well sealed lid. A suitcase will also be suitable.

Portarobes will also be ok for this period of time.

6 Months Plus

Sealed containers all the way. Don’t use boxes. Vaccum bags will be good but your clothes will come out creased, save these bags for blankets, sheets, or towels.

MUST use mothballs, & the best tip is to save the moisture absorbing sachets (come in anything you buy thats non perishable) Save these little beauties and throw them into all your storage containers.

Top 10 Tips for Storing Clothes

  1. Wash and dry your clothes before storing – dirty clothes and damp clothes will not come out the other end wearable
  2. Fold your clothes into the storing container. You will be glad you did when its time to get them out of storage
  3. Use a nice smelling mothball
  4. Write on all sides of your boxes whats inside – don’t write on the top of your box it will undoubtedly have something placed on top of it
  5. Can’t write on your storage box? If its clear place a piece of paper inside the box taped to the side walls or use a tag on a piece of luggage.
  6. If its a family of clothes being stored write the owners of the clothes on the box/paper etc
  7. Use moisture absorbing sachets even if only storing for a short time
  8. Try to pack your seasonal clothes together
  9. Keep like clothes together – Tops together, Jeans together, Jumpers together, Snow Gear together
  10. Place your white clothes into a dark tub if going for a clear container. They can yellow if in light.