Gym Equipment Relocation Specialist

Gym Equipment Relocation Specialist

EJ Shaws are the Gym Equipment Relocation Specialists.


Gym Equipment Relocation takes a specialist, and EJ Shaws are that type of Specialists. No matter if its a Home Gym or a Commercial Gym, we can provide the service and experience needed. We have the equipment to move gym equipment. Our staff have been trained to move gym equipment. And our logistics team know gym equipment. We have the know-how to best manage any situation. You will not be left at the kerb wondering if the removalists you hired will be able to deliver.

Too often we hear people tell us that they hired a domestic removals company to move their gym equipment, only for the removalists to say when they arrive;

‘Oh we didn’t realise it would be that heavy we will need to come back with more people’ or ‘we can’t get up the stairs it won’t fit you’ll need someone to pull it apart’ or ‘we simply can’t do this job you’ll have to get someone else’.


General removal companies do not know how to move gym equipment. If its just dumbbells then sure, but if its a machine, or pieces of cardio equipment you will need to have the job done properly. These pieces are worth a lot of money and they need to be handled just right. We have a network across Australia to help you achieve the move that you need. If you need a technician we will know who to call. If you have machines to move we know how many people to bring.

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It’s the only thing you need to do to get your gym on the road.


Commercial Gyms



We are one of the preferred carriers for one of Australia’s leading gym equipment suppliers. Having an association going back 23 + years, if we haven’t moved it then it doesn’t exist.

Gym equipment relocation is a specialised job. Its heavy, awkward and expensive so the right technique and tools are required. Our team are professionals, and know that time is money. Ensuring that the correct resources are brought along is just one aspect to getting the job done as fast and efficiently as possible.



Revamping your existing Gym?

Not a problem.

We can arrange to have the gym equipment moved out and stored while the builders get to work. We can utilize resources close by to the gym to enable the move out and move in to be quick, efficient, cost effective and done in a day more often than not. Or, we have our own depots, when close by resources are not available or an option.

Want to leave the equipment on site?


Have you considered containers on site? We have and can make this option happen.
If there is available space; eg large carpark, then this is an economical way to move your equipment out of the way. When the work is complete EJ Shaws will be ready to move it all back in. This method reduces the cost to your renovation, as transportation vehicles are not required, it is purely muscle and brawn relocation with a little bit of specialised logistics.

EJ Shaws can make all the arrangements;

  • Containers Delivered/Removed from site via a 3rd party supplier
  • Overseer to ensure placement and removal is correct.
  • Overseer to ensure Local Traffic is not hindered or comes into any harm
  • Supervisor on the day of bumpout & bumpin

We consider all stakeholders and communicate with everyone to ensure that everything runs smoothly. All you will be left to do is to picking the colour of the new rubber matting!


We have other options that have also been proven successful. Why not call us today to discuss what you need and we will work on making it happen.


No job is too BIG.

If we don’t have the resources we will source what is required and bring it in.
Extra labour; More transport vehicles; Local storage; Appropriate lifting equipment such as an onsite forklift. We will source what is needed. We have a network of contacts to ensure that your equipment is handled, stored and/or shipped in the best way possible.


Ready for a Quote?

Call or email us and we will make arrangements to come out and meet with you or your representative. We will review the equipment you need moved; Assess your location for the best approach; Discuss what it is you need, including the time frame and the budget that we have to work with. An all inclusive comprehensive quote would then be prepared within 24-48 hours.



P: 1300 EJ SHAW (1300 357429)

Fitness Centres we have been involved with;

  • UFC Rockdale
  • Club Lime Kingston, Kambah & Bruce
  • Anytime Fitness Green Hills NSW
  • Anytime Fitness Orange NSW
  • Moranbah Boxing & Sporting Club QLD
  • RAAF Tindal
  • NTADFA Sports Centre Campbell ACT
  • Anytime Fitness Hurstville
  • Anytime Fitness Leichhartd NSW
  • Boutagy Fitness NSW
  • Quay West Gym

………and many many others.

Interstate Freight

EJ Shaw Fleet

Companies looking for a Gym Relocation Specialist, look no further than EJ Shaw Removals. We can have your stock moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast within the week as well as any where in between.

Customers using our service will get;

  1. Dedicated Logistics Team
  2. Drivers that do more than just drive
  3. Reliable Transport
  4. Experience and knowledge

We will arrange additional labour and/or resources if you require us to or as we feel necessary.

Trackers are fitted to our fleet. Tracking the trucks help our logistics team know where our vehicles are at any given moment. This information help us keep you  informed. No more wondering when the truck might show up or if it will show up today. We know when and where. If there is any major deviation to the time scheduled we will know and will let you know.

Call our dedicated Interstate Team for a comprehensive quote or to just talk thru the options that we can provide you.


1300 EJ SHAW

(1300 35 7429)


The Legal Stuff

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