Professional Packing Service

Professional Packing Service

Professional Packing – Save Time!

EJ Shaw offers a Professional Packing Service ahead of your relocation, usually the day before your move. This may involve packing just your kitchen or your entire house! What ever the size we will provide a dedicated team to get the job on time and in your budget!

Whether you pack, or we do it for you, we can provide boxes, paper, tape, port-a-robes, plastic covers, bubble wrap etc. If you book your move with us we deliver your packing accessories free of charge and will collect unpacked, reusable boxes often providing a refund depending on the deal you have with us.

Don’t forget we can also clean your house once you have moved out, negotiate with your agent during the final inspections, and even de-clutter your house prior to placing it on the market.


Buy your Packing materials from us @ Great Rates:


  • Tea Chest Boxes – New or Used
  • Mattress Protectors
  • Book Boxes – New or Used
  • Packing Tape
  • Packing Paper
  • Port-a-robes – New or Used
  • Picture Boxes
  • Wine Boxes with inserts
  • Bubble Wrap by the meter

OR you can rent our boxes at a great rate and get a partial refund on returning them in good condition*

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*conditions apply