For some quick and easy Do’s & Don’ts when moving read below:



  • Pack items you will need upon arrival in a box and place in your car eg medications, phone-charger, keys
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions for moving appliances such as washing machines & fridges
  • Furniture you purchased in a box inc Ikea & Freedom needs to be dissembled and packed in a box before moving.
  • Empty all petrol powered items safely. BBQ gas cylinders need to be purged by an authorised dealer.
  • Wash all garden tools of soil if travelling interstate and check which plants can be taken
  • Keep cleaning equipment apart so you can clean when the removalist has gone
  • Inspect the house thoroughly before leaving for the last time
  • Pack everything that fits in a box into a box before the day of your move.
  • Disassemble beds, take pictures off walls, wrap-up cords etc – the more you are prepared the less time the move will take and the lower the cost to you.
  • Advise us of hazards such as damaged or fragile furniture, broken stairs or impediments which may affect the move.
  • Do whatever you can to reserve parking for the removal truck. The further we have to walk to the truck the longer it will take and the more it will cost.


  • Don’t leave your packing till the day before
  • Don’t leave any articles you don’t want packed in the house
  • Don’t hover around the removalist and offer suggestions
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes or dirty clothing unattended
  • Don’t leave food in the fridge
  • Don’t insist on the workmen packing your things the way you want it done
  • Don’t pack your wallet, passport or airline tickets!


 For more comprehensive checklist that will take you from 6 weeks before you move

TO moving into your new home.

Download our printable Removals Checklist to have on hand.


Removal Checklist click here